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Power Uptime Logger (PL-2k)

The power uptime logger is one of our series of solutions to help users control and track their power usage. PL-2k is a rugged industrial grade data logger capable of logging the uptime of several power sources to help users track the amount of time they have been running on power from a particular source.

How it works

Although extensible, PL-2k comes with 2 interfaces to allow users connect and log uptime data for 2 power sources, which for most users, is a Grid Source and an Off-grid source like a power generator or an Inverter system. PL-2K interfaces makes use of just two wires which are connected to the positive and negative terminals of the power source. This wires are connected to sensors on PL-2k which helps it system note when that source is supplying power and when it is not, giving it the ability to determine when last power was supplied by that source and how long it stayed before there was an outage(uptime).

This data is then logged locally (as a CSV File) on an SD Card which can be removed to copy the data or accessed via a USB cable to copy the data. Aside storing the data locally, PL-2k is also capable of logging the data on our online cloud platform, giving users the opportunity to;
1. remotely monitor the uptime of connected power sources, receive monthly report on the uptime of each of the sources
2. Setup email notifications and alarms to know when one of the sources go off or come on
3. View Real time information on the dashboard showing which of the power source is on or off
4. View Graphs and other illustrations showing different analytics of the uptime of each source, from the average uptime, to prediction of possible outage periods for each source.


The applications of PL-2k are only limited by imagination due to the diverse scenarios in which the uptime data it provides can be used. Some of the most popular applications we have seen clients deploy it over time include;
1. Determine the Uptime of each Power source for monitoring, efficiency and planning in Estates, Serviced Apartments/offices, all types of residential and commercial buildings.
2. Used on time-based Pay-As-You go power sources to turn off supply to users when time limit is exceeded.
3. When used in conjunction with our Non-Invasive Diesel Level Meter(NLV-20), PL-2k can help determine how much diesel is required to power your establishments over a particular period and give a forecast of the exact amount of diesel you should be buying based on the generators uptime.
4. It could also be used with our Remote Automatic Generator Switch(RAS) to automatically turn on your generator when the supply from the mains is not available and turn it off when mains power is restored.

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