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Connected Energy Monitor (EM-2k)


The Connected Energy Monitor (EM-2k) is one of our series of solutions aimed at helping users control, track and manage their Energy Usage.

It is an IoT-based, industrial-grade, multi-phase energy metering solution that uses the principle of induction in a Rogowski Coil to measure the amount of power being consumed over a particular line. It was developed to provide Mini-Grid solution providers and Power stations with the ability to quantify the amount of power they are generating and transmitting to their consumers at every point in time.

The data gathered by the device is sent wirelessly to our cloud platform where it is stored and analyzed to get actionable insights and provide users with a dashboard through which they can, in real-time, from a computer or mobile phone, monitor/track parameters like:
1. Amount of power delivered by the connected power source over a specific period of time.
2. The amount of power currently being supplied by a source or the amount of load on the source at every point in time.
3. Voltage and Current levels at every point in time and over time (history).
4. The Power factor at every point in time
5. The history of voltage drops and fluctuations /power failures
6. Phase Failure Detection
7. Power Source Up-time/Running hours.

How it works

The EM-2k is designed to measure and record power being supplied (or consumed) in a three(3)-phase system. As such, it comes with (3) three integrated flexible Rogowski coil, and 3 three voltage probes to measure and record the TRMS(true root mean square) value of AC Current and Voltage (respectively) for up to 600V at 2500A. The voltage and current obtained are used in determining the power, and all the data is sent, wirelessly(via WiFi, GSM, or LoRa) to our cloud-based platform, where the raw data and actionable insights generated from its analysis, can be viewed in real-time.

Understanding the differences in what our customers require, the device is designed to be able to serve in Single-Phase systems, where up to 3 different Power Sources can be connected.

The flexible Rogowski Coils are used for current sensing due to their superior performance over traditional current transformers. They are an air core-based system and allow the surrounding of large-sized cables or bars, without the need to remove the cables or ensure they are in a particular orientation like it’s done with most current transformers. They have low inductance and as such are able to respond to fast-changing currents, ensuring high accuracy of readings.

Flexible Rogowski Coils
Flexible Rogowski Coils Mounted around Cables


We have seen customers use the EM-2K and actionable insights from our cloud platform in a number of ways. Some of the most popular applications we have seen and help implement include:
1. Basic monitoring of Power being supplied/consumed.
2. Detect faults and quality of power being supplied by the source.
3. Detect scenarios like Over-Voltage, Under-Voltage, and Phase Failures
4. Used in determining which Generator to be used at a specific period based on load requirements as reported by the device.
5. Improve fuel efficiency, reduce faults, and service frequency in Generators as the right generator is used for the right load.
6. Used in Pay-As-You-Use Power supply setups. Users pay for only the amount of power used.
7. The Single unit version (EM-2Kl) is used along with our Connected Power Switch(CBS-2k) to control Power Supply and enforce payment in apartment buildings.
8. Used in conjunction with our Diesel Level Monitor (DLV-2k), to determine how much fuel each generator being used by the facility consumes over time, and extrapolate the total consumption, and the exact amount of diesel you should be buying based on the generators uptime.

The EM-2K is modular and designed with flexibility in mind. It is fully customizable and we will be happy to make any desired modification. Depending on user preferences, the PL platform can also be customized to provide arrays of actionable insights.

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