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Diesel Generator Monitoring Solution

In this energy intensive world, electricity requirements are ubiquitous. We source our energy from the electricity grid to run commercial, industrial and residential premises. Power outages, load shedding and other anomalies from the main supply are imminent threats which lead to loss of productivity and discontinuity in business operations.

To ensure uninterrupted power, we rely on secondary power systems ranging from UPS, battery banks and diesel generators to fill the gap. While they equip unique capabilities, especially when it comes to emergency backup power, it is inevitable to say that these secondary power systems require a smart monitoring mechanism that would help users to monitor their health and keep tabs on their performance, for efficient functioning and uninterrupted supply of power on demand.

WebNMS Diesel Generator Monitoring Solution taps right into the need to solve the on-site monitoring and multi-site maintenance requirements. Our smart solution captures real-time data, remotely monitors generators at multiple sites, records fuel usage, analyses asset performance, sends alerts via email and SMS whenever the sensors detect any anomaly in the functioning of assets and more. 

Monitoring your Diesel Generator the WebNMS way

Scalable | Reliable | Hassle free

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