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Connected Diesel Level Monitor (DLV-2k)

The Diesel Level Monitor (DLV-2k) is one of our series of solutions aimed at helping users control, track and manage utility processes.
It is an IoT based rugged, industrial-grade diesel level monitor that uses non-invasive means to monitor the amount of diesel left in user’s storage tanks and provides the data to the user via our platform in such a way that, in real-time, from a computer screen or mobile phone, they are able to track;
1. The amount of diesel that has been used over a period of time
2. The exact amount of diesel left in the storage tank
3. The exact amount of diesel supplied
4. Get Notifications and warnings to ensure the diesel doesn’t finish without the client knowing
5. Get Predictions from our platform as regards when next Diesel order needs to be placed
6. Automatically place an order for diesel supply if sanctioned by the user.

How it works

Although extensible, DLV-2k comes with 1 DLV-probe to be attached to the user’s diesel tank. The probe is mounted at the top of the tank with a special adhesive which prevents it from removing or damaging the painting on the tank when it needs to be removed.
The DLV-probe uses a non-invasive technique to monitor the level of diesel left in the tank and sends that information to the DLV Box which stores the data at every point in time and forwards that data to our cloud PL Platform where the data is analyzed in
real-time, and regular(daily or weekly or monthly) insights and reports are generated, to help the client know how much diesel is left in the tank per time, how much was delivered, how much has been used over a specific period of time, etc., generally establishing usage patterns to help with forecasting.
A highlight of the features our platform comes with includes;
1. Remotely monitor diesel level and receive weekly/bi-weekly/monthly report on diesel consumption.
2. Setup email notifications and alarms to know when diesel starts going below specified low levels.
3. Schedule and automate the process of placing an order for diesel.
4. View Real-time information on the dashboard showing real-time diesel levels
5. View Graphs and other illustrations showing different analytics of the uptime of each source, from the average uptime to the prediction of possible outage periods for each source.


The applications of DLV-2k are only limited by imagination due to the diverse scenarios in which we have seen users deploy it. Some of the most popular applications we have seen over time include;
1. The use of DLV-2k to remotely ensure the correct amount of diesel ordered was supplied.
2. Determine the total amount of diesel consumed over a particular period of time for monitoring purposes, efficiency and planning in Estates, Serviced Apartments/offices, and all types of residential and commercial buildings.
3. Used in Pay-As-You-Use Diesel supply systems.
4. Used in conjunction with our power uptime logger​ (PL-2k)​, to determine how much fuel each generator being used by the facility consumes over time and extrapolate total consumption and the exact amount of diesel you should be buying based on the generators uptime. DLV-2K is modular and designed with flexibility in mind. It is fully customizable and we will be happy to make any desired modification.

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