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Connected Base Switch (CBS-2K)

The CBS-2K is an energy management solution, that allows owners and managers of facilities (either public or private) to ​remotely (​via a mobile app or web access to our platform) turn on/off the Power supply to a specific part of a facility (e.g an apartment, shop, etc.) at any time from any location in the world.

How it works

CBS-2K comes in different versions which are based on the number of units (apartments or stores) in a facility. The standard CBS-2k types in terms of units include; 2-units, 4-units, 8-units, 12-units, and 24-units. However, multiple CBS-2K can be combined to serve facilities with numbers of units beyond the standard range.

Immediately a customer acquires a CBS-2k device, the device and customer is registered on our platform. From the platform, the Customer will have access to all the
Units to which the CBS-2K is connected and be able to turn the access of each of those units to the power supply, “on” or “off” from the platform.

Asides the customer turning the units on/off themselves, our platform allows automation such that the power supply to a particular unit is automatically turned off/on if certain conditions are true (or false). For instance, an apartment unit 1 can be turned off automatically if the occupants fail to pay the service charge, and turned back on automatically immediately payment has been confirmed. To make this easy, our platform integrates with estate-management platforms like ​estate-manager​.


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Over time, we have seen customers deploy the CBS-2k for a diverse range of applications including;
1. Enforcing the payment of service charge and other fees by remotely turning off the power supply of defaulters.
2. Giving facility users the ability to turn off supplies to their apartment when they are not in town to prevent wasting power.
3. Automate security lights and other related general lights, setting them automatically come on at a particular time and go off at a particular time.
4. Used in a Pay-As-You-Go Power supply system.
5. Used to measure consumption by each unit and effect a reduction in the amount of electricity meter needed when upgraded with our CBS-2M modules.
6. Used in conjunction with our power uptime logger​ (PL-2k)​, to determine which units are on use more power at a particular time in the day and develop dynamic billing.

Aside from the switch only CBS-2k, we also have the CBS-2M which is essentially the CBS-2K equipped with energy metering capabilities. With the CBS-2M, facility managers can set our platform to automatically turn off certain apartments if they have exceeded the allocated amount of energy. With these solutions, we help facilities overcome the cost of deploying multiple electricity meters, and the difficulty of knowing the consumption of each unit and who pays what.

CBS-2K is modular and designed with flexibility in mind. It is fully customizable and we will be happy to make any desired modification to meet your specific needs.


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